Talking Drum
#Colour #Music Video

Talking Drum is an ode to the West African drum famed for mimicking human speech, an almost hum-like sound.

The song and visual is prayer to the ancestors, pleading for forgiveness, asking if it is not too late to return to the

The African drum known for its part in traditional storytelling tells the story of the African diaspora and their quest to return; like a group phone call home.

Director: Almass Badat

Producer: Sabrina-Anne Sarpong, Shamara Adams, Jocelyn Yeboah-Newton

Post Production: Recipe

#Colour #Commericals

Kingsmill’s latest 5050 bread has been supercharged straight into a delicious egg yolk. Now with added vitamins, the toast dons it’s cloak to save the day.

The brief on this grade was to capture a lazy sunny Sunday morning and you’re treating yourself to a delicious breakfast. The light from DoP Mark Nutkins was superb and made it straightforward to warm the highlights and get the time of day right. With any food advert the product has to be perfect and the toast was made to look golden and rich.

Director: Michael O’Kelly

Agency: Recipe

Production: Recipe

Cornish Orchards
#Colour #Commericals

As anyone who has ever visited Cornwall can atest to, there is a certain magic about its surroundings. The warm summer air carrying the lazy hum of bees. The gentle splash of the waves and the babbling brooks.

For Cornish Orchard’s latest Cider range, they wanted to capture some that nostalgia with their own lilt and sense of humour. The start of each scene is as pristine as the beeze, but something happens at the denouement of each vinette. The stream drags the bottle with it, an apple falls from the trees above. Reminding you exactly what Cornish Orchard Cider is about. Fun.

Director: Peter Roe

Agency: Recipe

Production: Recipe

BBC 1Xtra
#Editing #Colour #Documentary

You can’t talk about the grime scene without mentioning Dizzee’s name. His debut album brought the moment mainstream and continues to affect the genre today.

Legendary 1Xtra DJ MistaJam interviews him about his upbringing, the cultural effect of ‘Boy in da Corner’ and Dizzee’s latest album.

Production: Nemorin

Blue Dragon
Keep Exploring
#Editing #Commericals

We all have those terrible, face palm moments. Whether it’s running out of doggy bags or that handshake that clashes with a kiss and turns into an awkward embrace. Aussie can fix your hair, but they can’t fix your life.

Balancing the narrative, creative and beauty can sometimes be a difficult thing. But with the use of slow motion, great performances and elegant visuals, we delivered four fun and relateable scenarios which showcase the Aussie’s laidback and confident flair.

Director: Vicky Lawton

Agency: Recipe

Production: Recipe

AK Patterson
#Colour #Music Video

The human form becomes the focus of this beautiful promo by directing duo Kat Kemsley and J.R. Dawson. It’s abstracted forms create inhuman and hellish landscapes punctuated by organic and elegant movements. The light and shadow makes this debut promo for AK Patterson truly stand out.

Director: Kat Kemsley & J.R. Dawson

Producer: Kat Kemsley & J.R. Dawson

DoP: Ben Roper

Art Director: Olly Williams

Editor: Mdhamiri A Nkemi

Lots Holloway
#Colour #Music Video

In the wake of current events, Lots Holloway expresses her sadness and frustration in this heartbreaking mixed media music promo. The story is interspliced with memorial imagery, projection of archive footage and news footage.

Director: Kat Kemsley & Jonty Dawson

DOP: William Pope

#Colour #Music Video

In this effortless and laidback promo, Ayoba reminices about that first meeting and the beauty of those first few dates. 

Director: Ini Brisco
#Colour #Music Video

SK combines two interesting stories into one music video in his first narrative driven promo. Shot in the same part of London that he himself grew up in, he revists the people that got him to where he is now.

Production: Nemorin