It’s that time of the year again and Phillip Schofield is to share his own gin creations and kick start the Christmas 2020 campaign for Craft Gin Club.

Phillip is a very natrually funny guy and these ads are here to showcase and highlight his sense of humour and bring a lightheartness to the campaign. Timing and cadence are what brings these edits to life and make them memorable ads for this upcoming festive season.

Director: Pete Roe

Agency: Recipe

Production: Recipe

There are times when you see couples falling over themselves in public and you roll your eyes. There are other times when you wish you had someone else to fall over with.

This Match campaign was shot during lockdown and features genuine couples as the ones exhibiting the over the top PDA. The three films also play nicely into each other as the main cast appear in each other’s stories.

Director: Michael O’Kelly

Agency: Recipe

Production: Recipe

Sure teamed up with This Girl Can to promote fitness in everyday life. To find movement in everything we do from your daily commute to working out at home.

During the pandemic, the ads are slowly being released and showcasing ways to keep active whilst remaining safe.

Director: Michael O’Kelly

Agency: Recipe

Production: Recipe

Creating content to stand out from the crowd is difficult in gaming and betting. Regulation and familiarity are usually what dictates most gambling communication. 

So for Pink Casino we approached it with a fresh, glossy and fun creative that was centred around energy, strong pacing and interesting visuals. This high energy ad helps cut through the noise. The VFX and edit by me!

Kelly’s Cornish Ice Cream

This sponsorship was all about capturing what makes Cornwall unique and showcasing the hardworking Cornish cows that make Kelly’s Ice Cream so special.

In these spots they’re being directed to give the performance of their careers and pull it off with flying colours.

Director: Michael O’Kelly

Agency: Recipe

Production: Recipe

Talking Drum is an ode to the West African drum famed for mimicking human speech, an almost hum-like sound.

The song and visual is prayer to the ancestors, pleading for forgiveness, asking if it is not too late to return to the

The African drum known for its part in traditional storytelling tells the story of the African diaspora and their quest to return; like a group phone call home.

Director: Almass Badat

Producer: Sabrina-Anne Sarpong, Shamara Adams, Jocelyn Yeboah-Newton

Post Production: Recipe

The human form becomes the focus of this beautiful promo by directing duo Kat Kemsley and J.R. Dawson. It’s abstracted forms create inhuman and hellish landscapes punctuated by organic and elegant movements. The light and shadow makes this debut promo for AK Patterson truly stand out.

Director: Kat Kemsley & J.R. Dawson

Producer: Kat Kemsley & J.R. Dawson

DoP: Ben Roper

Art Director: Olly Williams

Editor: Mdhamiri A Nkemi

In the wake of current events, Lots Holloway expresses her sadness and frustration in this heartbreaking mixed media music promo. The story is interspliced with memorial imagery, projection of archive footage and news footage.

Director: Kat Kemsley & Jonty Dawson

DOP: William Pope

In this effortless and laidback promo, Ayoba reminices about that first meeting and the beauty of those first few dates. 

Director: Ini Brisco

SK combines two interesting stories into one music video in his first narrative driven promo. Shot in the same part of London that he himself grew up in, he revists the people that got him to where he is now.

Production: Nemorin