I am a colourist and editor based in Hoxton. I’ve been an editor for the past six years and a colourist for three. The London College of Music was where I got my first taste of video production making music videos for the bands I was also recording. This has given me varied experience working with pacing, sound and narrative as well as working directly with talent and labels, a skill that has been imperative in my current working life.

For me, stories are about creating a legacy, putting your mark on something you’ve created. Everything from music promos to commercials, short films to idents should be inbued with the qualities you hold in high regard. The stories we tell online and on TV are always a combination of function and vision, but the lasting legacy of what we imprint should be the guiding hand that dictates which decision to go for.

I’m currently looking to edit more longer form projects like short film, features and documentaries in 2020. If you’re a director or producer and looking for an experienced editor to come aboard feel free to email me at mark@markliberty.co.uk or for more general enquires, visit my contact page.


Recipe, Senior Editor
2018- Present

Nemorin, Senior Editor

Channel 5, Editor

Freelance, Editor