June Collier explores the internal life of a figurative artist through her diaries, therapy tapes, music and conversations had with the filmmaker Julian Triandafyllou. The narrative reflects the artist’s spiritual practise: meditating on- death, the creative process, and past trauma. Visualised by her highly personal artwork, and played through fictional re-enactments- we see a brave portrayal of an isolated artist and her journey out from the shadows.

A gallery retrospective (seen within the film), a better website and the film itself were revealed to the artist within meditation, upon searching for her reasons for living after a second diagnosis of cancer. The film, and the June Collier Project at large are in essence a form of wish-fulfilment, with the filmmaker unwittingly taking on the responsibility of an artists’ legacy.

Director: Julian Triandafyllou
Colourist: Mark Liberty

June Collier by Julian Triandafyllou

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