New Look Website!

And so, the new website it born! Mark Liberty Inc is no more and instead will operate undeneath the same facilities as new parent company Trap & Hide. Mark Liberty started as a small South East London based initiative to mix and master new, exciting artists that were continually being signed by labels looking to get this raw talent underneath their wing.

We’ve had some great success and great stories. And as Mark Liberty Inc team grew, the work diversified. More and more occasions occurred when labels were looking to finalise their promo with us after finalising their album with us too! So founder Mark Nguyen (me!) officially moved out of a mastering engineer role in 2013 to focus on our video content.

Now we’re here. Mark Liberty Mastering is now an entity able to stand on its on two feet rebranded under the name Trap & Hide. With a new home coming in Feb 2015 and a new sound studio in July it’s going to be a really big year for them.

Meanwhile, I shall be working under my own name now and will continue to provide a bespoke freelance video service colour grading and editing services to the exciting new producers, DoPs and directors out there creating beautiful films and engaging stories! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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