New Avid Media Composer Capability

Over the past few months I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a broad variety of films, ads and promos spanning different styles, genres and crucially, workflow. Although I am definitely seeing more of a move toward Premiere Pro as an all round, all budgets, editing solution, I’m increasingly working with Media Composer based workflows both for editing and grading.

Whether it’s just because the old guard are so used to it, more of my work is with broadcast media or the ‘industry standard’ stamp is stronger than I think, I’ve decided to begin adding into my workflow. One tear wincing purchase later, Media Composer has been added to my remote capabilities.

There are plenty of things I enjoy about Media Composer. Conforming and organisation is a synch, and all the work that typically goes into getting ready for an edit is very fluid. Perhaps it’s my familiarity with Pro Tools but I also found the editing tools very intuitive. Pro Tools is definitely much more of an industry standard in the music world because of said tools and it’s great to see that Avid knows what it’s strengths are.

There are always a few things I’d prefer, such as Adobe’s very tight integration between it’s tools (there is no such synergy with Pro Tools and Media encoder), UI and cross compatibility with other platforms. But I can see why big projects and longform media make use of all these smaller optimisation Avid offers.

I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings and seeing how Media Composer will sit amongst all that!


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