Last week, the renowned director Joseph Kahn released on Vimeo his fan film of Power Rangers. Unfortunately, I can’t link to it as it doesn’t currently exist there anymore, but for those of you who haven’t seen it, you’re in for a great.

It amazing to see what can be achieved within these limits of duration, time and budget. It’s an inspired remake and he’s hit the nail on the head when he said that the “200 million, PG-13 version” wasn’t going to satisfy. Is this a challenge to the 2015 remake that’s currently in the works by Liongate.

Legal issues aside, it looks gorgeous. The powerhouse that is Dave Hussey, who graded it and is putting his backing behind, has done a completely awe inspiring job on the look. The feel of it has brought this remake to life and is absolutely the perfect example of what colour grading can bring to a film. It adds the grit, the darkness and depth to these wounded and imperfect characters.

This palette is almost exactly the antithesis to the one we grew up with on TV with its neon robots and bold suits. From a creative point of view it’s gorgeous and highly accomplished. I hope they pull back on this legal attack and deal with the short term embarrassment in the face of such a great fan film.

Further proof of the potency in a Kahn and Hussey duo:

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