Fresh Arrival!

February has arrived! And we have a new addition to the studio, sort of…

The new Resolve system has finally arrived and it’s currently in a hundred and one pieces. Although I’ve put together Windows machines together before, this should be a challenging build fitting two GTX 980s in parallel into a mid tower.

We’ve also recently had a lot of requests for long form edits from some features directors about implementing a new Avid workflow. This is a serious consideration and a big change to our workflow. We’ll see if we can accommodate it and we’ll come to our decision soon.

In other news, we’ve worked with Farah Mohammed on an exciting 16mm film which should be debuting on the Indian film scene soon. As my first film project, I’m super excited about it and I really hope it does well. Once it’s available online, the portfolio will definitely be updated!

February looks busy with some features coming through this month as well as a super secret fashion project in time for London Fashion Week! As always, if you’re interested in working with Mark Liberty, drop us a call or email!

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