Changes coming from June 2015

This past year has been terrific working with super talented people creating beautiful work. The breadth of work has expanded and been it’s been incredibly exciting to work and create with you guys!

However, coming June 2015, the nature of Mark Liberty will be changing. Firstly, Mark Liberty will become remote grading and remote editing only. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer on site, or on set services any longer. These only affect bookings made after June the 1st.

Also, due to a large new investment into equipment, Final Cut Pro 7 and X workflows are no longer natively available as I will be moving exclusively to Windows. Although I can still work with any formats that you need, including (but not limited to) RED, MXF, DNxHD/DNxHR, ProRes and DPX, I will not be able to support direct integration of Final Cut Projects or libraries any longer.

This shouldn’t be a problem as Final Cut Pro X and 7 support excellent XML and EDL export options and, as long as the project doesn’t contain a huge amount of motion graphics or any compound clips, re-importing them into the new Premiere Pro workflow isn’t an issue.

Here are some links to help you do that:
FCP X to XML:< FCP 7 to EDL:

Thanks for putting up with this transition and I look forward to continue working with you guys on even bigger and more exciting projects!

Mark Liberty will also be offering stills and photography retouching and 4K online editing in the near future so there is that to look forward too!

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